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Ever Wonder?


Been doing some reading lately and came across this tidbit. Thought I'd like to try a few of these.

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Knew a couple of guys in high school like that.

Over the years, many made a living watching them 24/7. As prison guards.

Tom Wms.:


Doc Al:

Seems to me it would be perfect to make black sweaters from a black sheep. The color would be natural, it wouldn't run and not fade away. Like the Buddy Holly song.


Additional negative stigma came from the dogmatic notion of the genetically recessive black sheep as the mark of Satan. That way of thinking went the way of the witch.

Over time, the "black sheep" has become "the one who stands out" or "the one who excels."

Now, the exceptional ones are to be ostracized, as the merely different are simply "diverse." However, because they are the minority--& because they have an "unfair" natural advantage--they must be put in their place; homogenized.

I propose the next one be "Herd Mentality."


Black Sheep? Oorah!


Emilio: maybe John should have dressed his black sheep in a Marine's tropical flight suit with a jaunty khaki garrison cap.


Made me think of Robert Conrad, which made me think of The Wild Wild West, which made me think of Cartman singing Wild Wild West.

Wicky wicky wicky wicky on the westsyeeede.


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