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and now a word from Pyotr Tchaikovsky...


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Yeah, but Nancy-poo says they can relax and not worry about health care!

John Cox:

"...not WILLINGLY visit the lazy". Point a Desert Eagle .55 at its coconut and watch it dance.

Dr. Bob:

So, the harder John works, the more inspiration he gets.

It's the truth, man.

John Cox:

Hey Dr Bob

A-M-I-N-A-L. I"m an AMINAL!

(See what I did there? I went arrogant AND illiterate at the same time. GENIUS!)

(Dang. Should have misspelled "illiterate".)

(Double dang. Should have misspelled "misspelled".)

John Cox:

This Just In!!:

I just ate a pickle AND a cucumber at the same time and almost got sucked into a extra-dimensional worm hole.


Desert Eagle .55?!!! Now I know who took my custom order Falafel Pirate Special.


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