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Production Line Illustration Idea


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Hey! I don't recall giving permission to use my likeness. It's just unflattering. I mean really. My tail is not that long.

John Cox:

Hey Huggie


And Imp? They are such minor minions, measly First Circle vermin. I at least rule one of the lower planes.


Clever idea.

Made me think of Jackie Torrence & one of the stories she used to tell. I met her in... uhm... 1987. Man, I'm getting old. When I thought of her, I searched to see how she was doing & what she was up to. I wasn't aware that she passed away more than 8 years ago at only 60. She was a warm lady with a sweet spirit--& she gave new life to a lot of the stories I grew up on.

Thank God I got to meet Jackie Torrence... & thank God I'm a country boy.

Dr. Bob:

ya know, if you look at it the right way, if appears to be a Star of David with the pointy heads of the demons serving as the points of the star.

Aren't "imps" sort of Satan's equivalent of altar boys. Fat little ugly characters.

Yo Menashe, Israel:

Dr. Bob: I'd like to know where or how you form a Star of David from this circle? The Star of David is constructed by the overlay of two equilateral triangles and forms a hexagram.

John Cox:


You're on your own on this one, my friend. Probably read a bit too much into it.


John and Dr. Bob: it's a geometry question.


I wish John's 2nd comment had been:

Hey Dr. Bob


I cringed when I read Dr. B's comment myself, & I wondered what your reaction would be.

I felt compelled to make a preemptive attempt at smoothing it over, but I had no idea of a good tack to take.

While the illustration isn't exactly hexagonally symmetric, it is hexagonally repetitive. The hexagon & the hexagram are related, & in nature they are often sequentially repeating patterns.

There is a hexagon within a hexagram, & a hexagram can be drawn within a hexagon.

To be honest, I could immediately see how someone might stretch to make that inference (even though the hexagonal attributes are skewed), but I hoped no one would actually say it.

I do think it's good to note that your response was calm, you're not screaming for jihad, & neither Peres nor Netanyahu has issued a fatwā against Dr. B.

That said, I have an odd, off-the-wall joke in mind, & I hope you can see the humor in it. I certainly mean nothing by it, because I must admit I have a bit of an affinity for this characteristic (although it's often said "they" can be difficult, & my experience bears this out):

Maybe it's because they're redheads. ( :

Dr. Bob:

I certainly didn't mean that to be derogatory to Yo! or anyone else, it was just an interesting, unintentional combination of geometry and symbolism that caught my weird eye.

For the record, I'm firmly in support of the state of Israel, its right to defend itself and its right to prosper.

Probably insulted the Catholics with the altar boys comment too.

I think I already have a fatwa issued vs. me - I'm, unfortunately, an equal opportunity offender. But, I'm probably not high enough on the blasphemy list to get anything bigger than a cherry bomb.

Oops, I did it again.


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