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Kim Jong Unabashed


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I have SO missed your Uncle Sam.


Kim doesn't watch out, he'll end up living in a cave and eating rat for dinner.

John Cox:

Hey Mauser

Oddly enough, me, too. He's a positive character; alas, without a sense of a humor. I've tried plugging him into gags and he seems to come off as the butt of the joke; the guy who doesn't get it. I like using him in heroic, virtuous situations and that seems to be rather rare these days.

I kinda wish he'd lighten up, though.

Dr. Bob:

Agree with Mauser... we need to see more Uncle Sam - both on the web site AND in Washington.


BTW, if the little Corporal decides he can get something off it's going to crash in AK not in the Cont. US I'm at ground zero but It'll more in likely just hit a moose somewhere.


What worries me is the Constitutional Law lecturer. Paging Professor Turgeson. Paging Professor Turgeson.

What? Oh. OK. Let's put some extensions & an oversized beret on Alex Jones. I bet nobody notices.


Heh, you know, my review of Black & White World is still my highest rated review ever on Amazon.

John Cox:

Hey Mauser

Neat. Though filled with current events of it's day, I like to think that body of work still resonates.


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