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Bailing Out


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Dr. Bob:

John - this is great!

John Cox:

Dr Bob
Why, thank you, sir. I've been doing these news item-oriented toons with a bit more regularity and I think that helps develop a certain resonance.


"Our struggle is against principalities; against rulers; against authorities; against evil; against spiritual wickedness that has pervaded positions of influence." - Ephesians 6:12

"Anyone who abuses any of the little ones would be better off if he chained himself to an anchor and drowned himself in the ocean." - Mark 9:42

"Put your faith in the Spirit, not in fallen man." Psalms 118 in a nutshell

Look to faith, not religion. Look to the Spirit, not the church.

Dr. Bob:

Like Anon's post

I guess when you look at the church in all of its variety of denominations, you aren't going to find perfection. Just a lot of people who are imperfect, failing, forgiven and struggling like everyone else.

At the risk of stating heresy, I think even the Pope needs God's forgiveness and grace - hopefully less often than me.


"All have sinned and fallen short of the glory of God." - Romans 3:23

Tom Wms.:

HGTV has announced an upcoming House Hunters International: " A recently retired minister and confirmed bachelor looks for an apartment in Vatican City, but with a tight budget, he may have to settle for a fixer."

John Cox:

Hey Tom
Pretty clever. Thinking of the Pontiff as a bachelor is funny.


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