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Talent Agency Logo Idea


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The great Houdini;
Amalgamated showman;
Spectacular show!

My girl friend just said;
Why do you talk in Haiku;
Funny day I said.


Those Haiku were mine. The sight keeps forgetting me. ??


Come one! Come all! See IT now! Be stunned! Be AMAZED! Something to tell your grandchildren! Only one thin dime, one tenth of a dollar!

Those with weak hearts or those who are pregnant will NOT be admitted.

Step right up! YOU won't be DISAPPOINTED! No shoving! No pushing!

John Cox:

Hey G

I can just hear that, too.

Hey Cowboy

I think you've invented low-ku.


Digging the artwork--just not much to add.

John Cox:

Hey T

Thanks for the good word.



Those Haikus were great;
What are you talking about;
Here's to Houdini.



Reminds me of a problem P. T Barnum once had in one of his 'exhibits'. The place was packed, couldn't get any more people through as those inside were taking their time.

So P.T. put up some signs. "THIS WAY TO SEE THE EGRESS!"

Worked like a charm. :)

Dr. Bob:

Hmm... Talent agency...

With all the people leaving his administration, his dubious choices for replacements, his visions of hype and hot air, this could be an analogue of the Obama Presidency.


"Talent Agency" is a parody.

"No-talent Agency" would be an analog.

Dr. Bob:

Correct, wanderer, parody. With a capital P.


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