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Pulling Out Early


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Ed B:

Tweet you later.

Steve M:

I can't believe you titled this entry with the title you did. Funny and so wrong, and funny.

John Cox:

Hey Steve
Took a chance there. Made me laugh and thought it was relatively accurate.

Thanks for the positive word.


Where's the jihad (i.e., crusade)? There was supposed to be an infidel-slaughtering jihad!


Dr. Bob:

Took me a bit to catch on to the significance of the title. Ah well...

Somebody once remarked to me about the similarity of the Catholic church and the Mafia. Certainly there was a wide-spread conspiracy to cover up sexual abuse of boys by priests. The retired Pope may want to self-impose house arrest just to keep from being prosecuted.

BTW, what do you get for a retirement gift for a Pope anyway? And what title would he have once retired? The Pope formerly known as George? Your ex-excellency? Pope Emeritus? Does his Pope-mobile get downsized to a Yugo?


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