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Neither is very good for polishing shoes, though.

Doc Al:

Your next assignment: a play on the word "boobies" as in the bird, and, well, you know...........

John Cox:

Hey Doc

"I was the focus of intense study by Charles Darwin."

"Hey...me. too!"

Doc Al:

I hear the boobies perked up every time they saw ol' Chuckie D (the birds, that is).


"Over 70% of kiwi production is in Italy, New Zealand, and Chile. Italy produces roughly 10% more kiwifruit than New Zealand, and Chile produces 40% less."

Eat your heart, Kiwis!


The fruit is originally Chinese. It got it's common name for resembling the New Zealand bird.

We are the World
We are the Kiwi
We are the ones to make a fuzzy day
So please don't wax we


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