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Another liberal bites the dust!


Nice! In addition to the government lifting our wallets while the masses are in denial, you could also show that federal hook lifting a gun and 2nd amendment from that citizen.

John Cox:

HEY SonofKatieElder

I appreciate the nice word. Just a reminder to pay attention out there.


Great allegory: Trying to escape the [mortal] problem one is mired [and sinking] in by burying one's head in said problem.

Would that be called "Destroying the whole world softly"?


I have a little more graphic picture in my mind for what's happening to you guys over there, but this is close.

I love Bill Watterson, and miss him. I have every Calvin and Hobbes.

You guys are in my prayers,

Dr. Bob:

Anyone who thinks they can get rich by lifting my wallet is in for a very rude surprise. That includes the flying monkeys of the Imperial Fascist Federal Obama Government.

Yo - Thanks, we need all the help we can get.


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