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Exit Line


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"Put them on ice."

Worked for Bill.


Good caricature John. Too bad she doesn't have anything resembling good character.


Hey Yo
She's fun to draw. It's like a study in contempt.

Do you get the feeling her performance was riff on Dr. Strangelove?


John, that was an excellent summary of her testimony. It was a brilliant caricature--very complex combination of boredom, cynicism, and arrogance.


Hey Bill

Why, I believe I'm blushin'.

T again:

JOHN (I'm guessing you're "Anonymous"):

Can't say. I couldn't bear to watch. It isn't like politicians are ever really held accountable for anything.

That's why I transposed Bill's parting words to Juanita Broaddrick.

Okay people, move along. Nothing to see here you looky loos.


While the disdain that Ms. Clinton displayed at the Senate hearing bordered on sheer evil, the defense put up by her claque in the "legacy" media (Bill Press, Joan Walsh, among others) was beneath contempt. One can only hope that these people suffer the same fate that the Jacobins and their leader, Maximilian Robespierre, met in late 18th-century France. These are dark times - dark, dark times (is that racist?)


"What difference does it make?"

Words that will come back to haunt her.


I wish those words would haunt her GF. But that takes a media that's willing to question it. Pravda will do everything they can to prop her up.

Tom Wms.:

John, you nailed it.

Cowboy, I agree 100%. I think in four years, the same press and same electorate who elected B.O. will forgive and forget, and she could very well be elected.


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