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"Tis The Season


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I don't get it. Forbidden fruit has absolutely nothing to do with Kwanzaa.

John Cox:

Hey T
Pun alert!

Steve M:

Mr Kincaid better not catch him up there...

Ed B:

Do you have eleven more of these coming, John?


I think that pun caused actual physical damage.

I salute you, sir!

Doc Al:

Oh - that hurts!

I sadly admit that it took me a few tries to get this one, but some long-forgotten neuron flashed and AAAACCKKKK!


John Cox:



Yo Menashe, Israel:

Hi Jon, I've looked at this several times today and I don't get the pun, would you enlighten me.


John Cox:

Hey Yo

This is a 70's American TV thing. A fictional musical family called the Partridges had a show about their daily lives as performers.

That is Keith Partridge in a pear tree, a "Twelve Days of Christmas" reference (which is a traditional Holiday song in the U.S.)

Wow. Explaining this stuff sucks the humor right out of it!

Dr. Bob:

John, I have to say that I actually got this one right away.

Aren't you a bit young to remember the Partridge Family? or was it the miracle of reruns and syndication?

John Cox:

Hey Dr Bob

Born in '64, so that puts me between 6 and 10 before they went off the air. I'm pretty sure I caught many re-runs in the early days of cable.

Danny was my favorite. I like how he gave Keith plenty of shit. And of course, Laurie was hot.

T again:

I got it. Just riffing on the girly-boy (it isn't PC to use the term commonly used back then--I figured "fruit" was safe enough in this context) teen idols like David Cassidy, Shaun Cassidy, Leif Garrett, the Osmonds, Rick Springfield (yep--10 years before "Jessie's Girl" was "Speak to the Sky"), etc.--that, & the stupid "Seasons, Holiday--ANYTHING but Christmas" obsession.

FWIW, they didn't go off the air in 74. They just quit making new episodes. I feared the reruns would never end. Then, joy of joys, cable sporadically revives them...

... and give Yo a break. I'd guess she's a bit younger than we are.

John Cox:

Hey T

Wow. Stuff I'm still trying to forget. Funny, though.

Tom Wms.:

I'm slow, but even a blind hog finds...

Tom Wms.:

It took me a while, but even a blind hog finds...


We're close to the same age. I got it right way.

Personally, I hated Danny, but I like him better today.


I thought it was Silver Bell Bottoms.


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