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The Flinchy Files


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Flinchy's problem stems from his education. Seems he went to Mama Garcia's School of Law and Pizzeria Management (as advertized on matchbook covers).

Flinch enters into contracts then proceeds to look for every loophole he can jump through, as long as it benefits his wallet.

Former partners usually take a direct course in 'contract negotiations' with Flinchy. It's much faster than relying on the state courts...and more satisfying.


The new development only compounded Flinchy's conundrum. Just days earlier, his rabbi claimed to have found a free-range goose liver that tasted just like pork. What would he know from traif?

Doc Al:

Can Flinchy escape this seemingly unescapable predicament? Or is his goose (liver) cooked? Stayed tuned next week: Same Clown time, same Clown channel.


Flinchy: I know that voice anywhere. Ludlow! You old quackity quack, how the quack are you? I thought you passed on.

Ludlow: Yeah, well 59 bullets in a duck's back tends to have that effect.

Flinchy: Water bullets, Ludlow. You know, like water off a duck's back.

Ludlow: Ice is not water, Flinch!

Flinchy: Ice is water...

Ludlow: SHUT UP! Now where're my falafels?


Ludlow thought he'd gotten an honest partner, one who could help him corner the falafel market.

At the moment, Flinchy is safe. Just like a certain politician, who shall remain nameless, Ludlow is in love with the sound of his own voice. Just don't mention Mrs Ludlow, whom, shall we say, Flinchy knows intimately.

Stay tuned as the plot sickens.


OMG I brought this on myself!

For the moment, out hero, Flinchy seems to be safe. I'll gear up over the weekend and save him! Soon form GF who continually puts him in peril.

Hard being 5 hours off of you guys, but for Flinchy, I'll do it!


When we last left Flinchy [October 11, 2008 - has it been that long?] he and the "Chief" were headed to Bernice and Wilma's tent (The two headed fat woman at the Carny and Flinchy's secret lover) to retrieve the falafel! Misson accomplished!

This is a whole new story!

"Tells me the location of the nuclear lased butterflies that youz stole from THRUSH! Our agency dedicated to taking over the free wooourld. You stinky pissed stained clown. Or your brains will be scrambled with your green hair".


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