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The reason people don't sing opera when they're feeling sensible is because, for the most part, opera is so belabored & torturous (just kidding, opera fans--different notes for different folks).

Dr. Bob:

If no good opera plot can be sensible, then my place of work could be made into a great opera. We have so much nonsense spewed from the executive levels it makes Dilbert look like a rookie hack.

As for T's "belabored and tortuous" line, I think that applies to both the plots and the music.

I've always wanted to sing opera... if for no other reason than to do something other than scream in pain when I hit my thumb and fingers with a hammer.

sorry opera fans - be thankful I only have a couple minutes to post.

I would go further and say that some of the plots are akin to junior high girls chasing after the members of the boys basketball team and the angst of being so madly in love one week, being dumped the next and conniving behind the scenes to backstab the guy's new girlfriend to become his girlfriend again.

One could very easily take a plot from I Love Lucy and make it into a opera.

Ed B:

Hey Dr. Bob, not quite an opera but a musical nevertheless.



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