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Book Cover Illustration Idea


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Guess I was cut out of the 5-stages of grief. So I'm still grieving, just shaking my head.

On to this! Another great futuristic piece. Sci-Fi Publishers/Authers...He's right here! Come and get it.

Doc Al:

Queen to King's Knight 1. Check.


Gotstobe quick on the draw 'round these parts, Cowboy. :)

For the ignorant like me, Zugzwang is german for "compulsion to move" (zug = tug, zwang = wang), which applies in chess when it's your turn but any move puts you in a weaker position.

Used in a sentence: California zugzwanged me but good!

Goes to show that in life as in government, doing nothing is often the right course of action. All pics lead to politics. :)

John Cox:

Hey Cowboy,
Thanks for the encouraging word.

Hey Doc,
Sounds like the first line of the novel....

Hey Z
Nice contribution. I figured someone would explain the chess term. I enjoy the vocabulification around here.

Doc Al:

Better than the line: "It was a dark and stormy knight"?

John Cox:

Hey Doc

Look! A punny!


Snoopy again? OK--but you made me do it.

"Suddenly, an echo rang out."

FWIW, zugzwang has multiple applications. It also figures into game theory (often in economics). To expand on Z's definition, there are 3 basic elements:

(1) The player's best option is to do nothing.
(2) Anything the player does makes him worse off.
(3) The player is not permitted to do nothing.

(3b) Real life permits inaction. However, inaction is treated as an action (i.e., even doing nothing--stalling/procrastinating--makes you worse off).

WWJD? (What would Jackson do?)


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