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Splitting The Difference


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"Undecideds" crave attention.


I suppose if I said it would be better to ask for the wisdom to discern the lesser evil, Barry would accuse me of wanting to take the country back to the BC 900s.

Dr. Bob:

I would like to point out to what happens to those who assume the position of deity. Usually, they don't last very long. I'm really tired of the headshots with halos of President 0.

I'm a bit surprised that the Almighty hasn't taken Obama down or given him a rude warning with a well-placed ZOT! of lightning, but I guess he's leaving it up to those of us who are his agents on this terrestrial ball.

The kid looks to me like he's ready to dump one in his diaper. But I'm not sure why the kid wants a sword? To commit suicide? or to take out one of the candidates?

I think everyone has decided, it's just that the "undecideed" don't realize what they have decided.

Can't imagine more than a negligible number flipping a coin.

I just hope like heck the margin is enough that it is cheat-proof and we know late Tuesday night or early Wednesday morning - none of this three monhts of courts wrangling and dimpled chad bullshit.

John Cox:

Hey Dr Bob
The baby wants done with it and would gladly meet his demise with a quick sword slice as opposed to enduring this low theater imposed by condescending campaign visitors who won't give a shit about Ohio come November 3rd.

John Cox:

Oops...make that "come November 7th".


If the child is split in half, how would the electoral votes be apportioned?

"Sharp" Solomon reference, T.


To Dr. Bob's last point. My biggest fear is that Ohio has disaster written all over it.

Remember the ballots that were supposedly forgotten in the truck of someone's car in Minnesota that were 90% for Al Franken? That reversed the election.

UGGHHH! I can see it coming. The bas#$#&s don't go away easily and have no shame.

Dr. Bob:

Cowboy -

I understand completely. Franken is my Senator (dammit!). They magically found a large number of ballots, almost exclusively for Franken from the Dinkytown (University of MN) area of Minneapolis in Hennepin County

Literally stole the election. Ballots are supposed to have a chain of custody where records were kept and ballots were never in the company of only one person. There were no records for the envelope with the ballots, no custody log and the two people rule was violated.

Yet the courts, added these ballots in and a bunch more from other precincts that also magically appeared, also without documentation or certification. Every court ruling went for Franken and against Coleman - a travesty of justice. The courts essentially ruled the ballots should be included because there was insufficient proof that they weren't valid and no proof that they hadn't been already counted.

Similar things happened in the last governor's election, where Mark Dayton was declared winner. Again, another spurious bunch of votes from Hennepin County - this one didn't make the national news. And over a thousand felons voted illegally as well.

Yet, the Democratic Party says there is no voting fraud and Voter ID is unnecessary. Yet all it takes to vote in MN is to have a registered voter vouch for your residency and address. Don't even need an id or proof that you're a citizen.

There is no way that the poll workers can tell if you're a citizen (the Demos blocked the State Patrol from putting that on driver's licenses), no way to tell if you've voted already, no way to validate your residence and address and no way to audit voters once they've voted.

In short, there's no way to tell if there is voter fraud - there's no way to detect it.

Voting in MN is like voting in a banana republic. It relies completely on the honesty of the voter.


I wonder if all the attention and campaign funds boosts the economy in battleground states.


I hope that little rug-rat really suffers for the next four years.


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