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CD Cover Illustration Idea


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Wow! That's so realistic!

Yo Menashe:


Yo Menashe:

Oops! Pushed the post button before I was finished.

The first time I saw the word verisimilitude was in a piece by Cynthia Ozick, my very favorite author. This word is my favorite word, not so much for what it means, but it's always melodious, even when you don't say it out loud.



With regards to campaign promises...


Found some verisimilitude once; put it where I wouldn't lose it, now I can't find it.


Nice. I'd like to hear Rush record a new studio album of their hits with a different guest vocalist on each track. The title would fit.

Apologies in advance, but Geddy Lee is hard for me to listen to (not a slam--high nasal tenors just aren't my preference; if you're a fan & like his voice, great--& I respect anybody who can play lines that complex AND sing over them).

Ed B:

One of my favorite Rush releases is "Feedback", their 2004 album of cover songs from artists like The Who and Buffalo Springfield that were influential in the band's infancy. But I gotta say T's idea is brilliant. There must be a plethora of singers who would salivate at such an opportunity. I'd buy it in a heartbeat.


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