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Missed Manners


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Barack not interrupt? Now you're just being plain silly.

Dr. Bob:

That's "pissy" not "pithy".

Dr. Bob:

Fortunately, the debate didn't get so far that the lines in the drawing weren't sarcastic.


Deference is overrated when it comes to people with their pants ablaze.

The problem is that they both say the other is lying, which causes a cognitive short circuit. I'd like to see the debates occur online in written form over the course of a week so they don't go unchallenged on the facts.

I also can't quite tell if women actually want to see more deference, or if they are just saying that and they'll actually go home with the snidest bastage.

Tom Wms.:

You gotta admit, it's better than "Dancing With The Stars".


My idea of a debate would be to put both candidates in a booth. Nearby would be about 20 truly "independent" evaluators who give more then a passing glance at what goes on in Washington. When the candidate makes a false statement, he gets an electric shock. They make a statement of absolutely no substance, they get a cold shower. They tell a half-truth, the booth fills with fog. They spout platitudes, they're engulfed in bovine excrement.

Naturally, this would be "pay for view" and there would be at least 5 debates. Not only would people pay to watch, all the money collected would go to retiring the national debt.

Who knows, 4 or 5 presidential cycles, we'd be free and clear without raising taxes!


How about a debate that's a refereed debate with a real moderator--not a tag-team of a Democrat + a Lefist media stooge vs. a Republican.


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