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Graphic Novel Cover Illustration Idea


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Are those hands?

Reminds me of a joke: Hang with me. I'll make this as short as possible.

Two aliens are sent in a small craft from the mother-ship hovering earth. Their instructions are to inform the Earthlings that WE are taking over. Do not resist.

The two aliens land late at night in an empty field across from a gas station. The lights are on over the pumps.

The aliens proceed to the station and walk up to pump #1 with their laser guns and say: "Take us to your leader". Nothing happens - its just gas pump.

They go to pump #2 and say "Take me to your leader or We'll blow you away". Nothing happens, it's just a gas pump.

This goes on for awhile.

Finally, at pump #6 the aliens say: "Ok we're going to give you to the count of three" Then we're going to blow you away.

"One - Two - Three" Then they shoot.

CAGABAM BAM BAM! - the whole block goes up in flames in a spectacular explosion. The two aliens were blown back over to the empty field and are laying there bloodied.

One alien says to the other:
"Wow those guys are tough. What do you think happened?"

The other alien says:
"I don't know, but I was worried when I walked up and saw that their dicks were so big that they had to stick them in their ears"

This joke has always cracked me up...Sorry John

John Cox:

Hey Cowboy

Neat joke.

That's a mask hose that leads to the torso. The arm is in profile, you can see the shoulder and elbow "joints".

Johnny Logan:

This should skip the novel and go right to a movie. Gritty and threatening, all in one package.


John Cox:

Hey JL

Thanks for the encouraging word.


Hmmm....looks like the Galaxicon Enviro-shield, circa 2412. Self-contained, and fully autonomous. Mk12 solar infuser recycled your waste into food and filtered out impurities in the re-breather.

Only problem: You really didn't want to be around when they cracked open one of those babies after being worn for 6 or 8 months!


Cool illustration. Wish I'd clicked to the comments & read the description before spending too much time figuring out what it was-- although now I get it, I really like it.

A couple things threw me. All the detail on the head, shoulder, & arm kind of makes the breastplate seem like it doesn't fit. It took me a while to figure out the shoulder had a sort of cover/epaulet.

I think it would look wicked to swap the white background for black & do the letters in the same form but with a translucent/glowing crystal/prism effect (not a criticism--just thunkin').

John Cox:

Neat insight. Sounds like a design principle that can work in a few formats.


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