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Final Art for November's Automotive Report Cover


Transformation is a wonderful thing. What starts as some loosely organized lines develops into a full fledged, fleshed out concept. Whew!

I darkened the bottom third to provide contrast for lighter headline graphics.

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Hey John,

Looks Great! My point was that the Volt is the first coal fired car.


BTW...You're up kind of late aren't you. Hell it's 10 pm her in AK .... 4 hours off of you.


Prius, Insight, EV-1 + more + lots of GM junk came before Volt.

Dr. Bob:

I like this.

I'm wondering what the headline will say when Forkum works his magic?

BTW, I think this illustration can serve another purpose...

The guy collecting light bulbs could be a government official (from the Lighting Compliance Agency) attempting to remove incandescent light bulbs from the market and homes, and the guy with the light bulb could be an citizen who is delighted (pun) that his dirty incandescent bulb is confiscated by the Feds.

just kidding

Who was that masked man?

I don't know, but he left me this CFL bulb.


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