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and now a word from Emile Zola...


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You sure Dan Rather didn't say that?

John Cox:

Hey G



G's comment suits my warped sense of humor. I lament that I didn't think of it, & I'll probably be chuckling at it for a couple days.

Uncle Dan was on daily (nightly) for WAY too many years. He indelibly shaped the nature of "news" as we know it. Uncle Dan made the anvil terrible by virtue of his impression on it (via his "style").

Since "deadlines" sounds like "headlines," I'd have alleged that one of the Arthur Sulzbergers might have said it--but Uncle Dan is funnier because he was right there in our faces just about every night for forty-some odd years.

Dr. Bob:

I like the metaphor of forging on an anvil, but I'm not so sure the anvil is so terrible - it's the fire and the hammer that are terrible. The anvil just is there.

Updated for today...

One forges his EXCUSES on the terrible anvil of daily deadlines.


It's a terrible thing to have your best ideas and dreams crushed by the terrible anvil of reality.

John Cox:

Hey Dr Bob

I can speak from experience and testify that putting forth a creative effort every day, exposing it to outside perspectives, is CRUCIAL. Relentless exposure hammers sloppy thinking.


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