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Theater Production Poster Illustration Idea


This is would be Lewis Carroll's "Through The Looking Glass" told from the Hatter's point of view.

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Ed B:

It was a mistake for Tom Petty to let his unibrow grow back.


The dark tones bespeak intrigue, perhaps danger.

John Cox:

Hey G

My take on Carroll's work has always been dark and twisted. The Disney version is an insult to Carroll's deeper meaning.


Sounds suspiciously similar to "Confessions of a Mad Hatter" (that was one of the first illustrations I saw after drifting here from C&F).

I've never seen the Disney version. My father took me to see an early 70s English musical version. I was six, & I remember it vividly. It was disturbing to me then, but I appreciated the memory of it when I later read the book.

Little side note--hope you like it:

My dad occasionally took me to the movies on Saturdays. There were two matinees. We would get there in the middle of the first one & leave during the second one where we walked in on the first. Yes, movie theaters used to tolerate such things. No ushers, the floors were clean, & folks here still operated on the honor system.

It's a LONG story to explain why he did it that way, & it drove me nuts when I was a kid. On the plus side, there were no ticket lines, no concessions lines, no parking hassles, & there was no exit traffic--& I knew what in medias res was long before any of my friends did.

John Cox:

I like to re-vist themes to explore new angles. I did that prior piece about five years ago. I like this one much better.

Childhood memories have a way of haunting our adulthood in such interesting ways, eh?


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