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Say What?


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Wow! I really am 'in the rough'!

Tom Wms.:

Have you seen Barry? I'm in his foursome, but seem to have gotten lost.

Doc Al:

What kind of hair product do you use? Everything I try just leaves mine limp and lifeless.

Ed B:

That's a pool cue. I asked for a pitching wedge.


"That d___ed Pennington. He does that f_____' Tarzan yell every time I careen one. He'll never let me live this down."

"I am in Gary McCord/David Feherty Analogy Hell."

I hope golf fans enjoy the second one. Those two yammer like they're paid by the word.


"Hey Bwana. Can you give me a yardage? For some reason, my SkyCaddie isn't getting a signal."


"I'm furious about how much time your husband spends out here, too."

John Cox:

"What's the best club for elephant dung?"


It's not that I really believe the ball is in your hair, I just want to rule it out as a possibility. Now may I please use your hair pick?


"They insourced you to replace Carl?"



A sledgehammer

John Cox:


Funny stuff! I liked WANDERER's "Caddyshack" reference.

The "Joke Inside The Joke" Award goes to GALLAGHER. Sledge-o-Matic, indeed.

Z had the "Surprise" Award. Didn't see that one comin'.


"I can't throw a javelin for s____, but if they ever make enraged club hurling an Olympic event, I'm golden."


"I'm sure you can throw yours farther than I can throw mine. Grip yours by the end and try throwing it helicopter-style or end-over-end, smart guy."

T again:

"Boy, am I glad to see you. The last time I knocked one this deep in the elephant grass, the VC came after me."


What's with the moon boots?


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