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Discredit Card


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Tom Wms.:

Hey John, "You didn't draw that."


President Narcissist has a way of dealing with the fact that he's never done anything but suckle at the public teat.


I think I see an entire series of cartoons coming.


This cartoon reminds me of the parable about the ant & the weedhopper.

Like the original version, the ant labors long & hard to store up enough food for winter.

However, unlike the grasshopper, the weedhopper is an entitled brat. His family pulls strings to get him into exclusive schools, where he mostly hangs around with cockroaches & termites smoking doobies.

When the purple haze clears, this motley crew of vermin reads a story about how a grasshopper starved to death because he refused to work, & the ant who did wouldn't share with him. Not being particularly fond of the implications of this story, the weedhopper sets out to find some giant slugs who might know a way around this problem.

One of the giant slugs had written his own book. His book said if bugs & such wanted to loaf around & enjoy the ant's bounty, they had better band together & form a mob. Using the brute force of numbers, as a group they could accomplish what they couldn't as individuals.

The weedhopper learned that the best way to advance his goals was to become a community activist, play on bugs' basest natures, & "organize" them into a complex matrix of affiliated groups with blurred affiliations.

By dumb luck [& a dumber electorate] the weedhopper managed to get himself elected president, & he set in motion a grand scheme to seize the property the ant worked so hard for & redistribute it more fairly among the "less fortunate" parasites.

The ant pulled much of his capital from the market & curtailed his productivity; fearing starvation the following year, the weedhopper had to find another bug to plunder.

Enter the honeybee, & cue up a long, drawn-out rhetorical windstorm about how much better off the dung beetles on the other side of the pond have it, how the productive should pay "their fair share" for the greater good, the right to bear stingers & domestic stinger control--all while the weedhopper is courting the influence of several swarms of jihadist hornets.

Bryan S.:

The thing that usually bugs me about these cartoons is the idea that uncle Sam (the government) is being portrayed as the people. I guess its hard to just represent the whole of the American populous.

John Cox:


Every time I draw my Uncle Sam (each artist brings his own style and meaning to the classic symbol), he's a stand-in for American Spirit.


Master Po hurled a pebble at Weedhopper's head. Shocked and wincing, Weedhopper asked of his master, "WHY DID YOU DO THAT?!"

Master Po replied, "I have lost all patience with you. As you were too trifling to even try to remove the pebble from my hand of your own volition, you compelled the pebble from my hand out of sheer frustration. Weedhopper, pack your bags. It's time for to you to go. Don't let the door hit you where the Good Lord split you."


Methinks Obama doth project too much. Who exactly is it that owes his success more to luck, politics, and government?



Any Kennedy. And they did it without the benefit of the world walking on eggshells because of race.

I have to give T a what-what. As blog comments go, that's good writing.


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