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and now a word from Honore de Balzac...


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Yo Menashe:

... and politicians and terrorists would not exist.



Morality! Ay, there's the rub of passion. Great comment, Yo.


Good points, although I'm not so sure I completely agree; passion certainly does magnify the degree to which the two are effectual, as whatever absence/degradation of morality leads to a lack of constraint in the driving passions.

Politicians exist to exploit the chinks in government via the wont of people (from pols to proles) to live (or live more comfortably) at the expense of others.

Terrorism exists due to the wont of people to compel others to live by a fanatic, dogmatic creed resulting from a narrow doctrine arbitrarily incised from a much broader canon (which is highly likely to be spurious [to one degree or another, if not all] in its own origin).


I think we basically agree, T.

Passion is the great motivator for powerful effects. The question is whether those effects are good or bad, and thus whether a passion should be loosed or channeled or recreated entirely. Unfortunately, good intentions are not enough (I'm looking at you, politicians).

At least, that's how I interpreted Yo.

But let not our reins snuff our fire altogether.


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