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Book Cover Illustration Idea


One of my "Favorite Read-Again" books. Vonnegut's drawings are as funny as his prose.

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Racist. Everything you do in life from this point forward will be completely invalid (unless you say you didn't really mean it & you join the Democrat Party).

Given when it was written, the title almost could have been "Keep on Trucking."

Cool cover BTW. Like the font work. That would look wickedly good embossed.

John Cox:

Thanks for the nice word.

Dont't get the "racist" thing, though.

T again:


I did a humor fail.

Just a silly, stupid comment grounded in Leftist logic. Among others, racial themes run throughout the book; any reference or term regarding the pigmentally gifted made by a pigmentally challenged person that isn't sunshine & lollipops is necessarily racist; not only is this one of your favorite books, but you find humor in it as well. Therefore, you gotsta be racist...

... unless you declare yourself a Democrat... (see Byrd, Rather, Maddox, Wallace, Faubus, etc.).

John Cox:

Gotcha. Vonnegut's absurdist approach never rang sincere. His black humor was a put on that sold his particular brand: Watch me hate myself.

He puts his slants on one laugh at a time.


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