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Automotive Report Cover Illustrtion for August


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Ohhhh....does that ring a bell! Think cars are bad when you've got what you think is a 2005, but is really a 2005 1/2 - with different parts.

Try a refrigerator door. The service man orders a new door on the ice maker. Gives make, model, style and serial number AND color.

3 different visits, 3 DIFFERENT doors. Although they did come close on the last one. The color was right.


Anybody remember the days when all it took was one good old-school machinist--& he didn't charge $40+ for 15 minutes of "labor"?

Dr. Bob:

y wife's car has a broken mirror courtesy of a flying tree. The insurance adjuster costed the part out at $138, new.

It's aelectrically adjusted mirror, which has heater wires in it to melt ice/snow and it has an automatic photochromic adjustment which dims it.

Well, the body guy can even get a used part from a bone yard for $138.

It appears the adjuster had "no friggin'g clue" it was a electric mirror, much less one with electric heating and automatic dimming.

And so, it's been a month and the vehicle hasn't been fixed.

Why is it so difficult to get the right part at the right time at the right place?


Dr Bob, I feel your pain. 2000 Toyota Tundra right o/w rear view mirror - Toyota parts $90+tax. On-line parts store, $23.95 SHIPPED!


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