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and now a word from Richard Petty...


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Now I see why they drive in circles! ;)

John Cox:

I have vivid memories of the 70's where Petty seemed to winning every stinkin' race he ran in.

His longevity was legendary.


When living in North Carolina in the early 50's, used to go to the local dirt track and watch the races with my Dad. Most popular driver - can't remember his name - drove a beat up Ford with "B-29" painted on the side. Hot dogs, Cokes and engine exhaust! :)



Farthest north I've been is Baltimore, but if that was a red businessman's coupe at Watertown Speedway, it was Dick May.

I'm not a racing fan--& I don't begrudge anyone who is--but I know from what borders on NASCAR-boarding from any of a number of family members & friends who are fanatics.

Dr. Bob:

Back when I was a kid, the nearest track was Rockford (IL) speedway. One of the older fast drivers was a fellow named "Red" Aase, who drove a 57 Chevy and owned the Blue Moon tavern on the highway.

One of the younger drivers there was a fellow named Danny Shear. There is a Danny Shear who is a crew chief for a NASCAR team, but I don't know if it's the Danny I saw when I was a kid or his son.

I've never seen a Sprint Cup race in person, although I did watch a USAC stock car race at the Milwaukee Mile in 1969 with some of the Indy drivers such as Bobby and Al Unser and AJ Foyt.

Tom Wms.:

I worked in racing for a number of years. Richard Petty is one of the true class acts in the sport.


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