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and now a word from Albert Shweitzer...


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John Cox:

Apparently Twain, Einstein and Shweitzer went to the same barber.

Lyle Young:

When I find something in life that is "unfathomably mysterious" I may think about it for a while, but eventually take it for granted.


Albert obviously never met Barry Obama. Barry is an expert on everything!



That, sir, is very, very wise. You're describing a sort of "pragmatic denial" innate in most people that keeps them from "getting stuck" in irreconcilable thoughts (or thoughts that, if reconcilable, yield "solutions" that are beyond the [emotional] capacity of the mind to accept).

Shimon Peres basically said the same thing another way:

"If a problem has no solution, it may not be a problem, but a fact--not to be solved, but to be coped with over time."

Several Conservatives are fond of using that quote (especially Rumsfeld), & it's a quote I really like. However, I like the common-sense way you phrased it.

Charles Schulz also danced around that idea several times--but I don't know that he ever quite put it so well.


It goes without saying, but nice "Word From..." I like it when they're about "thought."

Dr. Bob:

Gentlemen -

RE: "unfathomably mysterious" and "pragmatic denial",

I'm thinking as I get older (and perhaps a bit wiser) I am more tolerant of and comfortable with the UMs and other unexplainable phenomena.

It's not that I'm intellectually uninterested or not capable of deep thought, but more that there are mysteries and sheer awesomeness of the creation that are so far beyond our human understanding, that faith is my way of handling.


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