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My Illustration Friday entry: SIGHT


Check out the other notable sights over at Illustration Friday.

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RemInds me of Indian art...and I'm going there this year. blue-tiful!!!!


To me, it looks like a wise & patient republican (lower-case "r" intended) elephant that's finally had enough & is contemplating setting his sights on a coffle & a crash.

coffle = old word for a group of donkeys tethered together & driven single file

crash = a herd of RINOs

John Cox:

Hey T
I was playing with this alien/bird idea. My sci-fi creations tend to be unspecific. I think of alien creatures as being hybrids of lifeforms.

WOW! Niiiiccee!

John Cox:

Thanks for the kind word. Means a little more coming from a fellow pro.

Dr. Bob:

FWIW, I thought pretty much the same as T!

Very menacing!


John Cox is a painter, cartoonist, and illustrator for hire. For information about purchasing existing work or commissioning new work, contact him by e-mail at john555cox [at] hotmail.com.

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