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Automotive Report Toon


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And people say God doesn't have a sense of humor!


And lo, thou shalt be kicketh high, and thou shalt be kicketh low.

Thou shalt be kicketh to, and thou shalt be kicketh fro.

With much kicking shalt I satisfy ye and shew ye the direction thou shouldest go.


John Cox:


That's the spirit. Having a little fun with the human condition.


Can you imagine that picture on the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel? :)

John Cox:

YES! Near the exit...

Dr. Bob:

A time to be kicked, and a time to kick.

Somehow, I think I missed that in Ecclesiastes 3!

Dr. Bob:

I have a toon at my office - picture St. Peter at the gates and a line of people waiting for their interview with St. Pete.

The first guy approaches and St. Peter says -

"Bob, the meaning of life is to laugh at yourself."

So Bob walks on in.

The next person in line is addressed by St. Peter. St. Peter says -

"Ed, the meaning of life is to laugh at Bob."


... and there's enough signs for all of us.


As that wise sage Bobby Bare once singeth (sangst?):

Dropkick me Jesus through the goalposts of life
End over end--neither left nor to right
Straight through the heart of them righteous uprights
Dropkick me Jesus through the goalposts of life


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