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This one gives me a strange feeling of Deja Moo.

"The odd sensation that I've heard this bull before."


GENERALLY speaking (EXTREME emphasis on GENERALLY), he speaks too highly of the life insurance "industry." However, his position (as usual) exposes his abject ignorance of even the CONCEPT of markets...

... and that's all I have to say about that...

... here.

Dr. Bob:

Cows may come and go
but the BULL goes on forever

Emory Leeson:

John Hancock: We know you love him, but if he dies, we give you a summer home and two Mercedes-Benzes. Wouldn't that be nice, too?

Dr. Bob:

Maybe the first person who reforms the insurance industry would be award the No-bull prize?

With insurance, you can be worth far more dead than alive.


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