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Say What?


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"It's rabbit season."
My apologies to Daffy for stealing his line.


I'd blame the NRA for the escalation of force, but that thing has Eric Holder and DOJ written all over it!

(Craniac beat me to it.)

Johnny Logan:

"Isn't that overkill for a paintball gun?"

"Compensating for something?"


Doc Al:

الإيمان والرجاء والمحبة، هذه الثلاثة ولكن أعظمهن المحب!

Rick :

Your safety is on.


"With all due respect, Mr. President, you can claim that Chanukah is a duck call all you want--but it's painfully obvious what you're really thinking."


"F--- you, Nuge."

Tom Wms.:

How's it sir?


"Do you people out there in cartoon land actually think I'm going to say something to this guy? If he's unsporting enough to hunt with that thing, he doesn't care whether I'm in the air or not."


"Nice try at getting me with that 'I bet you I can take a duck with a rifle' bit... but you do know that you're legally restricted to three rounds in a load, right?"

Tom Wms.:



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