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Ever notice that libs are quick to drop the "Race" card. But have no problem with the "Religion" card?


Of course. They're not playing with a full deck.

I think John is referring to Romney's statement that, "[The] Obama [administration] has fought against religion." I think Willard has a valid point in that Obama is a Fundamentalist of a different sort (a radical Collectivist) who is highly intolerant of the rigidly pious, & he has been indignantly aggressive towards some who hold different views.

To avoid a long screed, it's about a "piety" conflict. Obama's piety is focused on collective nonjudgmental tolerance. Romney's piety is focused on individual accountability, high standards, & personal atonement (when one inevitably falls short of "the" ideal). Obama thinks Romney's piety "makes people feel bad about themselves" (apparently, Obama thinks "self-esteem" is a God-given right). Romney thinks Obama's piety "holds a low bar & discourages personal improvement."

The irony is the ones who have always complained about people forcing their beliefs on others are actively & aggressively doing that very thing. This is the point Willard would like to make, but he's not smart enough to do it (HAHVAHD LAUWAH--We're about connections, not thought).


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