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Haiku What?


Exquisite senses
Tendrils of pure volition
Capable of faith

This is my entry for this week's theme over at Illustration Friday: CAPABLE.
Check out the other wonderfully capable illustrators over there.

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Fused to the machine...
The primordial piston...
What would Atlas do?

Dr. Bob:


For thousands of years
no easy answer found to
scratch his itchy back

at least that's what he looks like he's doing! - either that or he has a serious constipation problem!



Mr. Handyman:
"I'm not handicapped. I am

John Cox:


Nice. Very fitting

Hey Dr. Bob

Is EVERYTHING banal? Good chuckle, though.

Hey Anon

Positive AND goofy. Neat

T again:

Is the statue based on [a] real one(s), or is it a product of your imagination? Elements of it are vaguely familiar. Maybe it's a composite? Maybe based on a fragment of a larger work?

I like seeing the "aged" or "aged wall" effect being prominent again. Some of my favorite serious stuff you've done (especially liked the "turpentine" ones that had a little more color in them).

John Cox:


Thanks for the positive word. I've been on an abstract watercolor kick lately. The oils have that timeworn decrepit look that is crisper, yes. I'm enjoying these paper works all the same.

My illustration is based on Albin Polasek's "Man Carving His Own Destiny" (1961). I saw this sculpture at the Brookgreen Gardens collection. It's a wonderful sculpture park just south of Myrtle Beach, South Carolina.

T one more time then I'm logging off:

I'd never heard of him before. Wiki-P says he retired at 71, shortly thereafter suffered a stroke that paralyzed his left side, AND DID 18 MAJOR WORKS including this one--using only his right hand--in the remaining 15 years of his life. Amazing.

Handicapable INDEED.

Different Anonymous:


You must have misread something. This was his first work (1907)

John Cox:

Thanks for the update. Maybe the date I indicated is when it was purchased??


I got it ALL mixed up. "A-2" is correct in that it was his first major work, but he reprised it a number of times throughout his life. He decided he wanted a version for himself, & commissioned a sculptor to copy it. That sculptor died, & Polasek finished the 1961 version--which I think is the one at Brookgreen (with assistance). He would have been around 80 or 81 at the time.

Books > Interwebs

Thanks for exposing me to even more good art.


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