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and now a word from Julius Caesar...


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Alea iacta est!

Talk about getting your info straight from the horse's mouth!

Dr. Bob:

Well, duh... if you don't seize power when breaking the law, the power of the law will seize you.

Unless you are an executive at any of the mega-banks, although beware, the Ides of March are coming...

Dr. Bob:

PS They didn't call him Julius "Seizer" for nothing.


Speaking of Caesar, that jogged some memory cells. While stationed in Germany a friend of mine really delved into learning the language. One day he went to the barbershop and asked for a Kaiser Schnitt (Caesar Cut). The barber almost died choking, he was laughing so hard. Seems my friend just asked for a caesarian section.


GF & DR. B. pretty much said all there is to be said...

...other than banks, investment brokers, insurance companies, hair dressers, & any other "licensed" profession is basically paying their "license fees" as protection money to gubmint ("Rendering unto Tzar") to (1) beat down competition & (2) be incompetent with impunity.


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