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Say What?


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John Cox:

"Either the bi-wing halogen spantule isn't synchronized with your calibrated xenon reactor or you're oil light is busted."


Sorry, but that's not covered by the warranty. Have a nice day!


Ya know, sex didn't use to be this complicated!


"Dude--nuclear is so wasteful. See that sphere over there? That's our photovoltaic generator. It only took resources equivalent to 2 complete planets to build, & it has a 25 year warranty. Go green or go home."


Oh CRAP! Someone forgot to pack the screwdriver!

Dr. Bob:

Oh baby, that's a NPPU-10 self-contained nuclear power propulsion unit! I haven't seen one of these since I was a wee little lad. And this one has the concentric graphite polymer fission rings - that was a hot buggy in it's day.


I was thinking kind of the opposite of Dr. Bob.

"You fused two DeLoreans and you're running four-barrel plutonium? Talk about overkill."


I see the problem here: somebody replaced your spantule with a spatula. Sounds like the work of a Homonym Jacker. We get a lot of 'em in these parts. It's a miracle Old Bessie here even went a parsec. That's a mighty fine spatula.

Ed B:

Plutonium? Sorry, it's been downgraded so they're not producing it anymore. I can fill 'er with Uranium or Neptunium instead.

To paraphrase the great Richard Pryor on ET gettin' jacked in the 'hood -

"How much is plutonium?? 92 billion a gallon?!?! Fcuk this machine..."

Tom Wms.:

You know, fueling would have been a hell of a lot simpler if that pipeline had been laid!

It used to be so simple. You'd go to Cracker Barrel, plug in your Nissan Leaf, have dinner, and go home.


Quit buzzing the MUFON nuts and get back to Area 51. The tinfoil hats wreak havoc with the radar, and I'm tired of pulling moonbat guts out of the disgronificator.


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