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Book Cover Illustration Idea


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Cool cover. Disturbing title.

Perhaps it's the story of an innocent 16-year-old boy who was molested by his 23-year-old teacher, the resulting damage to his fragile young psyche, and how that damage was compounded when they married 3 years later.

It's a gripping & complex psychology-meets-politics analysis about a conflicted political genius, his rise to prominence, & the glaring double standard of how the events subsequent to his molestation are used to damn him; whereas--if he was a Leftist empty suit--the media & all of his myrmidons ("the grand establishment") would figuratively circle their wagons & devise a unified media blitz to defend him, claiming that--since he is a victim--he should not be examined too closely, he most certainly should not be judged, every mistake he's made since then is wholly justified, any resulting character flaw should be overlooked (regardless of how it might affect his judgment), he is a shining example because of how he overcame impossible odds to become a glowing success, & how he should be given carte blance as the dictator-in-chief.


Wow! And here I thought it was about some 'Gay 90's Black Widow' - getting revenge against men for a life of early child abuse.


Maybe the teacher is introduced as the main character as a ruse - a red herring - to draw in libs, catch them up in a sob story, and then smack them up with their hypocrisy.

Of course he divorced his first wife when she had cancer. For Pete's sake - she molested him! That, or it's just an indictment of how the nanny mentality wussifies America.

Dr. Bob:

This is one of those that I can't "get", very possibly because I don't understand the imagery of the lighter circle and the patterns/images in the concentric circles around it.

John Cox:

That faded group of concentric circles is a portion of a Mayan calendar. Solstice being a significant Solar event, "widowmaker" hints at a dramatic story.

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