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and now a word from Victor Borge...


All I want for Christmas is Victor Borge's sense of humor. Check out some of his classic bits on Youtube.

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Did you know that he was also a well known conductor?

Love the gunshot near the end!

John Cox:

I find it oddly admirable that he messes around with his own virtuosity


Jack Benny did the same thing with the violin.

You've got to be GOOD to get away with playing that BAD.


Well if you're talking about family...yes. I like that! Love my family don't get me wrong.

Dr. Bob:

What I find remarkable is how Victor can repeat the same routine over and over to many different audiences, and it is still fresh, crisp and funny every time.

I always liked his audible punctuation routine.


His inflation bit is the only thing I can remember.

I think he could have expanded on this quote a little bit, though. I know one or two people of whom I'd say:

"Santa has the right idea. Visit people once a year... when they're asleep... & be long gone when they wake up."


Great continuation, T!

Totally admirable. I got to see Victor Borge in person when I had no idea what I was in for. It was hilarious and so magnificently brilliant that I can only chalk up the uplifting experience to the product of my low expectations coupled with the culmination of a routine carefully crafted over years.

Thanks for the great memories, John!

John Cox:

HEY T: Funny!

HEY Z: That's a keeper. What a fantastic way to spend the evening.


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