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Haiku What?

IF-mystery.jpgA pale enigma
At the mysterious cusp
Between Is and Not

This is my entry to this week's theme over at Illustration Friday. Why not explore the other "mysterious" entries there?

Comments (5)

Lovely both word and image

Tom Wms.:

Makes me think of my favorite poet, Edgar Allen Poe - Annabelle Lee and the Raven.


I can't imagine a better Haiku.

Is the illustration a montage of sorts of Southern Gothic work? I'm certain of the crow & the border (at least the style of the border)--& I'm fairly certain of the portrait (but my recollection of it isn't as clear as that of the "Crows" piece).

John Cox:

Hey T

Yeah...prior oil paintings, "Southerness" and "Hour of the Raven", were partly combined to make this image 'Shopping really frees up how older images I've created can be refurbished for new meanings.


And, as in uffish
thought he stood, The Jabberwock,
with eyes of flame, came

I kind of works!


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