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Say What?


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Greetings, Believers...all is well. Sleep now, deep sleep...deeper than before.


"I'm, uhh, George Bush. It's all my fault."

Dr. Bob:

Help! This big honking sucker is stuck to my nose and is blocking my view of the teleprompter!

This works for Wal*Mart, why not me?

"keep on the sunny side, always on the sunny side, keep on the sunny side of life"

Nice touch, John with the "snow on the top of the mountain"


I'd like to replace the smiley-face with a cutout of a red Kool-Aid pitcher & leave it at that.

But since I can't...

“I sure am glad that John illustrated this cartoon so nobody can see the song printed on the back of this fan I stole from Trinity United Church of Christ.”

While the storm clouds rush in from the sea
We honor a failed ideology
Let’s assume power we don’t rightfully have
As we ignore the law in a power grab

G__ d___ America
Land that I loathe
Let’s b____-slap her, into the crapper
With fundamental change & act like hoves
From Los Angeles, to NYC
Then to DC, screw fly-o’ers
G__ d___ America, clean to the core

With apologies to Irving Berlin

Tom Wms.:

"Hi. Barak Obama here. Because of the success we've had with Chrysler, GM and Wall Street, we are now taking over WalMart. From this day forward, you'll get more Change with your quality Chinese products."

"Hey, Michelle! Do you think this will work for the masquerade ball?"

This just in---Barak Obama has gone incognito!

"Hi, I'm Sam Walton. We'll match anyone's price."


People say I'm lying when you see my lips moving, so...


@Dr. Bob:

Wasn't it "Always Look On The Bright Side of Life"?



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