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Children's Book Cover Illustration Idea


The road to Zinzaar
Is a road quite bizarre
With twists beyond imagination.
Where up is down
And square is round
In a state of wild consternation.

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Publisher's Note: Previously published under the name "The Road to DC".

John Cox:


I was thinking the exact same thing. A Seusse-ical fable where Zinzaar stands is for DC and showcases the wacky characters that populate an upside-down, obfuscating society.

Dr. Bob:

Amazing... first thing I thunk was that Zinaar was DC.

So either the three of us have the same sense of creativity, or it was just plain obvious!

Probably the latter.

Sounds like "the Road to Zinzaar" could become another Cox and Forkum book. I can imagine it being done in a Rocky and Bulwinkle sort of vein where the kids find it amusing, but the adults get all the double-entendres and puns that og over the kids heads.


Where budgets are balanced
by unconstrained spending!!!
The poor are made rich
by largesse never ending!!!
Jobs are created by
crushing employers!!!
Finance is governed
by lame-brains & lawyers!!!
"Public servants" are tyrants!!!
The productive are slaves!!!
We need taxes!!! MORE TAXES!!!
HEY!!! Let's tax their graves!!!
One would hope such a rant
would contain something funny...
But nope--it's a stick-up--
Now give us your money!!!



John Cox:

Hey T

You may have guessed
I'm duly impressed
With your bountiful rhyming.

The subtext is funny
And right on the money;
Your commenter stock keeps climbing!


Awww, shucks. I'm glad you liked it.

Danke schön.

Doc Al:

"Mommy, what does 'consternation' mean?"
"Go look it up in the dictionary."
"Mommy, what's a dictionary?"


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