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Book Cover Illustration Idea


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That is way cool! :)

John Cox:

Thanks for the kind word. "Lord of the Flies" is one of my top ten favorite books.


What a great cover. That is one of my favorite books. I love satire as I've stated here before. I do consider that a very dark satire on marxism, collectivism, and communism. The 1963 film was also very well done and true to the book (for a movie). The remake in the 90s sucked because it was done by liberals who wanted to hide the message.

Perhaps we could get a reintroduction of the book using your cover. We've got to get the little skulls of mush some sort of message 'cause the collectivist crap and revisionist crap they get in school is screwing us.

Whew another Rant for me. Haven't had one in awhile. Thanks John.

John Cox:


I always hope the images I create can stir a thoughtful response.

Enjoyed your pointed statement because it was positive, yet with an edge.


That's one of my favorite books as well, with dystopian novels being my favorite genre of fiction. You have to love the irony of a genre of books--written largely by socialists/"progressives"--that are critical of collectivism.

Did anybody here ever think about the fact that "Utopia" was originally what we would consider a dystopian idea?


Hey John:

Since I'm on my satire kick again... I'd be interested in your artistic depiction of A Modest Proposal by Jonathan Swift LOL


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