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Yeah, Baby!


It's a big day here in the neighborhood: Trackside Tavern is re-opening its' hallowed doors after suffering a heart-breaking fire January 20, 2009.

If you happen to have a bar that you can call home, you can imagine how displaced you'd feel if it was destroyed, leaving you without that particular touchstone that centers your social routine. Oh, you'd frequent other local places and run into the other sad refugees, people you got to know in the sadlly-passed watering hole that was your collective beehive. But you'd always go back to chatting about the old place, wouldn't you?

So, now, we Trackers can resume our seats at the bar and talk about NEW times.
Cheers to all us who have a regular bar stool where a cold one gets poured as soon as you walk in. And in my case, a joint,where dart players eagerly await the next game.

Good on ya, Doc!!

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Dr. Bob:

Congratulations to the Trackside.

Out here in the hinterlands of rural Minnesota, there's a similar thing that occurs in small towns, although it's not a bar or tavern, but a different type of watering hole, it's the local cafe.

They don't shoot darts or drink beer, they gather around a large table, they drink coffee, they "solve the world's problems" for a while, and then they return to their stores, businesses or whatever occupies their time.

Alas, I can't yet participate, for I commute to work in a larger city which has no such thing, but maybe when I retire, I can participate.

Tom Wms.:

Welcome home, John.

John Cox:


I'm glad you guys can relate. It just goes to show you how the little things you can depend on have a hold on your outlook of what community means.

In the grand scheme, not a big deal; on personal level it's a part of your life.




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