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Say What?


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I don't like peas, but if they're served, I'll eat them without complaint.

I don't have a problem pulling off band-aids.

However, I strongly object to those giant legislative nanny-state suppositories.

I almost sent you an idea for a cartoon based on that:

Frame 1: "Doctor" Obama holding up a spoonful of peas to his "patient." Speech balloon over the patient's head; "I eat my peas."

Frame 2: Pan out to show the "patient," the "doctor," & two giant capsules behind him labeled "$3 Trillion Porkulus" & "$20+ Trillion Universal Health Care" with a speech balloon over the patient's head; "However, I strongly object to those giant [...] suppositories."

However, it works well enough as a comment for this one. Great 'toon. "Sock puppet guy" is one of my favorites--& very appropriate here.


Gee whiz. I didn't even notice the "Say What." Like YO often says--this one stands on its own.

Tom Wms.:

Ya know, boss. This things giving ALL of us a black eye!

Hey, John. This is great. One dumb ass controlling another.

Tom Wms.:


Tom Wms.:

Sorry, boss. I was aimin' for Eric Canter.


"Sorry Boss! But if you insist on failed Keynesian economics to support your socialist ideology, than you have to take some lumps"!!!!!


"I'm callin' your bluff, boss."


The public says that it's time for you to share their pain!

John Cox:


Dr. Bob:

That was for what your policies did to us in the 2010 election.


"Come on... Say it... 'Thank you sir. May I have another?' SAY IT!!!"


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