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Ed B:

Captain Maniacal's marine training kicks in: see the hill, take the hill.

Dr. Bob:

Obviously the Captain's "M" doesn't stand for "mammaries".

John Cox:

Hey Dr. Bob



Sorry Capt M, today evil-doers are befriended and coddled. Society is guilty, not they.

John Cox:

Hey Y'all

I was venting over of cell phone users with annoying ringtones.

I should admit "M" is probably the bad guy here. And I'll cut him some slack because he represents a muscle-bound version of a short-tempered, opinionated mule who acts first, understands later...which I find funny.


Anyone who doesn't put their cell phone on vibrate while in public should be beaten to death with said phone.

Dr. Bob:

John -

"She's a brick house" (according to a google search) refers to a female who is rather well endowed, as in voluptuous, busty and uh, stacked.

Mammaries is a slang term for uh, ah, BOOBS.

It sort of fits together. Sigh.

Here I thought the Cap'n was incensed by the verbiage of the song, not the blast of the infernal ring tone. My bad.

John Cox:



I did pick a ringtone song that was famously insensitive, rather piggish.

Hey, you found another level...


I didn't quite get it, either. I still don't have a cell phone; I'm not yet important enough to have one, I can't justify the expense, & the "contracts" send me to a whole new level of p___ed off.

Furthermore, I hate having semi-engaged conversations with rude people who are actively texting at the same time (or worse yet, breaking a face-to-face conversation to take a call & twitter away over nothing) & having to repeatedly go over crucial details (sometimes days later) because what little gray matter they have is more occupied with trivialities.

I didn't realize the 'toon was about ring-tones. I haven't heard one in months, & that was some stupid hillbilly woman who had her phone set up to ring once, she refused to answer, & the same person kept calling back. She finally answered on the 8th call.

Most people I know put their cells on vibrate. Funny thing there is half the time they don't feel the vibration, & I can hear the stupid things going off.

"You're getting a call."
"No I'm not. My phone's on vibrate, & I don't feel anything."
"Check it. You're getting a call."
"Hmmm. How did YOU know I was getting a call?"
"I could hear your phone vibrating."

One friend swears I have some kind of psychic ability & I can tell the instant before he gets a call (while I can hear the thing vibrating, he insists it doesn't vibrate until he has the cell in his hand--for whatever reason, he often can't feel it vibrate in his pocket).

I thought the 'toon was about one of those idiotic "kids" (extended adolescents) who insist on listening to their iTunes NOT with their headphones, but through the midget on-board speaker--which, to me, makes everything sound like brittle-bright white noise coming through an AM radio.

Anyway--as rude (& as dense) as the average Joe has gotten, even a superhero would work himself into a coronary if he took to punching out every jerk he came across.


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