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Book Cover Illustration Idea


This is my entry for this week's theme over at Illustration Friday: OBSESSION.

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Wow, that's a knockout! Somebody needs to write a book to go with it, quickly!

John Cox:

Hey Curious Art

Thanks for the kind word. I'm very pleased with the overall look. It's an image that takes advantage of the mystery and depth of the subject matter: plus I get a chance to play with graphic design.

As a title, I'm sure it's been snatched up a long time ago.

Wow that looks pretty intense

It's a little embarassing.
She can't take her eyes off of me.
C'mon miss, I'm a married man. Sigh.
No use. She's obsessed...

perfect for prompt - really nice composition & vibe


........she had the map. She had him. The only question was; had someone already beaten them to the prize?

It was a sultry day. With a hint of foreboding. Just like the look in her eyes.


Very nice. I've been missing that aged effect.

Gave me an awesome idea for a political cartoon (assuming somebody hasn't already done it--& you don't mind doing two pieces close together with the same title). It's on the way.


Another good one.


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