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and now a word from Audrey Hepburn...


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Ed B:

The gloves, the sunglasses, the cigarette holder, the jewels, and Givenchy's definitive "little black dress": no one else could have pulled off that look but her. Hard to believe that Capote had ever envisioned Marilyn Monroe in the Holly Golightly role.

Thanks for this rendering John. It's definitely one of my favorites.

Dr. Bob:

Audrey was a bit before my time, so I had to take a walkabout on the web gathering intel.

That's a beautiful caricature of a most beautiful lady, John.

Take a look at the trailer - about 10 to 12 seconds in as she slips off her fashion sunglasses and purrs "won't you join me?" (Oh, how I wish!!!)



Hey Ed B and Dr. Bob

She has this other-worldly, elfin vibe that is utterly fetching. She seems so sweet, yet not purely innocent.

I remember her role in "Always" as Hap, a gentle angel that tutors the Dreyfuss character about the ways of eternity. She was perfect in that movie.


Classy Lady.


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