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Buckaroo Banzai


Obama can shovel some bull, but he's having a hard time riding it.

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How in the name of all that is holy can ANYBODY approve of this... this... "public servant"... much less 45% of "Americans"?


I can't dwell on this or blood will shoot out of my eyes.

Good 'toon--but the only 2 things about BHO that I think are funny are his golf game & the pitiful way he dances.

John Cox:

Hey T

You haven't heard his devil-may-care way with a charming insider's anecdote that is at once self-deprecating and a droll stab at soulless convention?

Funny, funny man.


To call this guy a rodeo clown would be an insult to rodeo clowns - they entertain while helping to distract the broncs and bulls from hurting the cowboys tossed from their mounts.

Tom Wms.:

Ride em, cowboy! An interesting follow up to this would be B.O. trying get back on the donkey. Great cartoon. I am sending it to some friends (with the proper credits, of course).

Tom Wms.:

Hey, John. How about a cartoon with all the weird animals of the world (squirrels, aardvarks, warthogs, etc.) lined up to audition for the next "spokes beast" for the Democratic Party?


"It's all Bush's fault!" (TM)


Did someone say COWBOY? LOL

This stuff just isn't very F'n funny any more. Not your 'toon John..it is great! I'm also sending it out with appropriate credits.

Don't believe those polls. Do any of you ever get polled? I don't! and I know why. I'll bet none of you do either 'cause we'd throw their poll off.

News organizations generate polls to make news and they are designed to get the story that they want to say. I hate the DLEMM (Dominate Liberal Establishment Mass Media). I don't say "Main-Stream Media" 'cause there's nothing "Main Stream" about them.

ok I feel better now!


Gotta agree with Cowboy. "Polls" are designed to reveal a pre-determined outcome anymore. Welcome to 1984.

The latest "poll" states that there is overwhelming evidence of a public majority approving of gay "marriage".

What that "poll" doesn't explain is why, when people actually VOTE, it's voted down.

The puppet masters must be getting tired of 'we the people' by now. We just don't know our place.

Dr. Bob:

Nice touch with the beanie with the propeller.

Hey Obama - George Bush reminds you to not squat with your spurs on.



I can't find humor in anything that guy says or does in the political arena regardless of the perspective I adopt--& the sad thing is, I don't feel a whole lot better about the "best" politician in the swamp.


I've actually received several poll calls--although now that you mention it, when I did get calls from the DNC or other Democrat pollsters, they'd hang up as soon as they found out I wasn't on their side (every time but once, & I could tell that one pollster was about to explode by the time the call was over).

Still, I'm shocked at the people who are happy/proud they have a "sort of pigmentally-gifted" president & think he's doing just a dandy job.


There is only one race; the human race.

I loathed Clinton with equal vigor; the positive of his administration is that he had his ears nailed to the floor by a Republican legislature.

FWIW, Reagan is the only pigmentally-challenged president I've liked in my lifetime, & I'd be dancing on the ceiling if either Thomas Sowell or Herman Cain held the office.


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