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Say What?


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Johnny Logan:

"Ya know, now that ya mention it, they do look like implants..."

"When did the German swim team get into football?"

"I see yer point..."

"Quit steroids years ago. Why?"

"The period quasi-Amazonian costume would suggest a Wonder Woman complex but the spear suggests that she is compensating for something..."

FORGER - Racist Czar:




"I don't care if he was holding the ball, kicking the goalie into the net does not count!"

"wtf is a 'regulation spear'?"

ROFL. This is really funny! And this one too, does not need any verbal contribution.


Is there going to be a football season? Last I've seen is a deal is getting near. I'm not sure what I would do during the football season during the winter to kill time! I am getting sick of all the greed going on.

Dr. Bob:

So who let the mascot on the field?

Just saved this and I hope my buddies enjoy it.

Tom Wms.:

Yea, Ref, uh...their goalie has an unfair advantage.

What's your point?


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