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Check your clocks, people.

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Tempus Fugit, but where does it go?

Ed B:

Wait, does this mean that digital clocks don't slay time?

Kevin The Zeroth:

The politicians took it, G. At least the hour today. Masters of Time and Space they are! No budget for next year? No problem! We'll call next year 2011, too.

I think digital clocks burn through time with lasers, Ed. It's supposed to be more humane, but alas, time is gone all the same.

"Time flees irreparably while we are each captivated by our circumstances."

Dr. Bob:

How come time flies when you're having fun, but as any kid would observe, it seems like forever sitting outside the principal's office?

It didn't take Einstein to realize time is relative.

Of course the NFL (no fun league) has made a killing out of making a 60 minute game last three + hours and the last 5 minutes of a close game takes half an hour.

John Cox:


How 'bout the last three seconds of an NBA game?


Agh! I almost forgot! If it weren't for johncoxart.com I'd be late to work tomorrow.



Yes, that's correct--& Thomas Jefferson should be forever condemned for not ratifying a nuclear arms treaty.


One of the reasons I've not watched either for more than 20 years (the others being biased officiating--either to manipulate spreads or favor a given team, & manufactured controversy--just so people will talk about bad calls & make "bread & circuses" an even more disproportional aspect of their lives).

I'm REALLY looking forward to an irresolvable strike, but why should I care? It's not like the libraries are going to be overrun by NFL fans either way.


Of all the things about this mortal plane that I can't get used to, the worst is the passage of time.

I long for the time when I can just loll about without deadlines getting any closer.

Dr. Bob:

Hey T:

I watched only 1 NFL game all season (the SuperBowel) mispelling intended and can't remember when I last watched even part of an NBA game.

It is so sad the play can be so good and the officiating so terrible at the same time.

Memo to the refs - we don't tune in to watch you blow you're friggin' whistles.

BTW, I have an old wind-up Big Ben clock from the 20's. While it's not as big as the clock in John's toon, it sure as heck sounds like it.

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